12 Days of Discipleship Christmas Challenge

We all know the popular carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas," a song all about gift giving. This Christmas I'm challenging myself (and you) to give some gifts, too. Not seven swimming swans or the latest iPhone, but gifts of discipleship that will prepare you, me, and others to celebrate Christmas the right way. In the process, each of us will become a little more Christlike, too.

I've compiled a list of things that I want to do this Christmas to become a better disciple. A lot of these are general, and some of these are more personal. You can write up and use your own list if you'd like to, but this one is free for you to use, too.

1. Write a kind letter to someone you are grateful for.

2. Spend a day magnifying your calling--you could do a little more, organize yourself, or study examples of people who have magnified that same calling.

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