12 Times U.S. Presidents Spoke in the Tabernacle

5. Warren G. Harding

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Photo from When the White House Comes to Zion, courtesy of Ronald L. Fox

June 26, 1923

President Warren G. Harding stopped in Salt Lake City as part of a westward journey towards Alaska. He spoke in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on a Tuesday evening about “Taxation and Expenditure.” In his introduction to his speech, he paid the following compliment to Utahans:

“I cannot tell you how happy you have made us. There could come to nobody in the world a more gracious, cordial, and heartening reception than you have given us in your wonderful State and beautiful city. I almost wish I were not President, for I should like to fling aside my manuscript and just talk to you.”

He then closed his speech with:

“Let us have a new hope and a new promise, and let us be in a position to say to our children and their children that life is not encouraged for the purpose of sacrifice but for that greater accomplishment which is becoming in the eyes of God Almighty.”
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