12 things Mormon daters don't understand

Dating is certainly an old curiosity shop. It's filled to bursting with odds and ends, cures and maladies, various shapes and sizes, but is, most notably, old.

After all, boys and girls have been pairing off since Adam first saw Eve, since Jacob set sisters squabbling and since Ruth jumped back into the game after meeting Boaz.

Perhaps your current curiosity goes a little something like this: You're frustrated with how your last date went. Whether it was the first date or the 50th, he or she did something that left you scratching your head.

Nowadays, "gender war" metaphors come a dime a dozen, created to unmask those supposed masculine and feminine mystiques -- from love being a battlefield, to he said/she said, to reason versus intuition.

We've nearly Mars-and-Venused ourselves to death.

Yet, for all the psychological, biological and Tiger Beat studies in the world, we still find ourselves throwing back our heads, begging to understand what makes the other gender tick.

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