13 Methods to Mix Up Your Scripture Study Routine

A spiritual feast—that’s what I anticipate during my personal scripture study time. But it wasn’t always so. I first had to change my attitude about studying the scriptures, and that meant changing how I study. I find it easier to have consistent, meaningful scripture study when I vary my methods.

Online Resources

Listen while you work. I play recordings of the scriptures while I work in the kitchen and on my MP3 player when I go for a walk. Download your free audio copy at lds.org/scriptures. You can also purchase CD audio recordings of the standard works at Church distribution centers.

Study online. I often read my scriptures online at LDS.org. The linked footnotes make it easy for me to access cross-references.

With Music

Listen to beautiful music as you read. Music invites the Spirit and enlightens the mind. Sometimes I play classical music while I read by candlelight.

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