14 Reasons Happy People are Happy

You may have read our article on 6 things you DON’T need to be happy. Well, here are some reasons why the happiest returned missionaries, (and most people) are the way they are. I’m not saying that you have to have all of these to be happy, but I am saying that applying any one of these will make you a happier person, whether or not you served a full-time mission.

1. They are Purpose Driven

They know that they are here for a reason. They understand that they received their “first lessons” in the world of the spirits and that they have a mission to accomplish. That mission is different for every person, but it is just as important for each. Every person has something to contribute to this world that no one else can contribute. Each one of us is unique. The happiest people discover that mission and purpose and they spend their life fulfilling it. 

2. They are Truth Seekers

Earth is Flat - Truth seeker returned missionary To them, the earth is not flat. They know that there is more out there than what they see. They think outside the box. They seek to know for themselves and are not just carried by what others tell them. They are constantly learning and seeking truth.

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