14 Uplifting, Engaging Talks Teens Will Love Listening To

I Love My Friends!

Hank Smith

"A real friend stands between their friend and a horrible choice and says something."

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In this positive and uplifting talk, Hank Smith discusses the life-changing importance of choosing good friends and of being a good friend. Brother Smith encourages youth to avoid risking their future on bad friends and above all to “become friends with Jesus Christ. He will greatly influence how you think and act. Let Him determine the person you will become.” 

Running Down Your Dreams

Hank Smith

"If you want something to happen in your life, make it happen. You do it."

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In Running Down Your Dreams, Hank is back with a powerful message about setting goals, overcoming obstacles, achieving dreams, and, most important, following the Savior. He reminds listeners to remember their divine heritage. Using the analogy of a marathon, Hank shares stories and examples of ways we can “finish the race.” He points out that we can have a positive influence on others when we strive to achieve our goals. “If you want to inspire your family and your friends, don’t just be their cheerleader,” says Brother Smith. “Show them how to break through limitations, and they will follow you. They will want to do it just like you have done.” 

Overcoming Spiritual Slumps

Justin Su'a

"When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things changes."

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As a performance psychology consultant who teaches professional athletes, elite dancers, Olympians, and business professionals how to enhance performance through mental skills training, Justin Su’a knows how to help people overcome challenges and do their very best. In this enlightening talk, Brother Su’a teaches four proven principles to help members of the Church get past the “spiritual slumps” in their lives. “In your pursuit of righteousness it is likely you will encounter trials, pain, and feelings of inadequacy,” says Brother Su’a. “One of the key components to a mentally tough individual is the ability to bounce back from setbacks.” Using colorful stories, examples from the scriptures, and his trademark enthusiasm, Brother Su’a shares what can be a life-changing message for his listeners.

Being Happy in an Unhappy World

Hank Smith

"The key to finding happiness is to accentuate the positive"

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Anyone who's spend time around Hank Smith knows he's a happy person. Have you ever wondered why he's smiling all the time? Is it because his twins are finally sleeping through the night? Could it be because he's finally done with his PhD program? Maybe he's just thinking about ice cream! In his newest talk, Being Happy in an Unhappy World, Hank shares what he's learned from studying happiness. He expounds on what science has to say on the subject, what teenagers think happiness is, and what prophets and other Church leaders teach. 

The Devil Made Me Do It

Anthony Sweat

"The moment we stop blaming other people is the moment we gain power."

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You've heard people say it; maybe you've even said it yourself: "The devil made me do it." But such an idea is inconsistent with gospel principles and is just one more way Satan tries to trick us into blaming others and not taking ownership of our actions. (Other common traps include "That makes me mad!" and "That's just the way I am!") In this engaging fireside presentation, author and popular speaker Anthony Sweat extends six invitations that will help us learn how to better use our gift of agency. We can choose how we act and who we become. And when we stop making excuses and start taking responsibility, we can receive the happiness Heavenly Father wants us to have in this life.

Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts

Brad Wilcox

"Our lives are the products of our thoughts."

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Brad Wilcox is an associate professor in the Department of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University where he also enjoys teaching at Campus Education Week and Especially for Youth. He also loves presenting at Time Out for Women events across the country. He is the author of The Continuous Atonement, The Continuous Conversion, and The 7-Day Christian, and the BYU devotional, "His Grace is Sufficient." 

Personal Revelation: Receiving and Responding to the Voice of the Lord

Gerald N. Lund

"Revelation is the communication of the mind of God to man through the Holy Ghost."

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Why is it sometimes hard to recognize revelation when it comes? Who is authorized to receive revelation for us? What's the difference between continuing and continuous revelation? How can we avoid being misled? Elder Lund answers these and other questions about the “hows” and “whys” of receiving answers from the Lord. This engaging, personal talk gets at the heart of our belief in continuing revelations, and what it means for us in our lives and in our relationships with each other and Deity.

Laugh It Up!

Andrew Horton

"The best tool for deciphering moments to laugh, moments to do anything, is the Holy Ghost."

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Using his own trademark sense of humor, popular speaker Andrew Horton shows us that there may be times when humor and laughter might not be appropriate. But he also points out the real physical and emotional benefits of laughter, especially when we learn to laugh at ourselves — times when laughter truly is the best medicine. So if you need an escape from the more serious side of life or if your funny bone could use a little tickling, get ready to Laugh It Up! with Andrew Horton!

J.A.M. Sandwiches

Troy Dunn

"Take justice and mercy with humility and understand its purpose in your life."

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In his entertaining new talk, popular speaker Troy Dunn explains the roles that justice and mercy have in the great plan of happiness. "As we get older," says Brother Dunn, "we learn that there is a balance between justice and mercy, and applying them in our lives is not always as easy as it seems." Using hilarious stories from his childhood, examples from the scriptures, and insights from Church leaders, Brother Dunn helps youth understand that repentance, forgiveness, and even adversity are important parts of our experience on earth. Youth and parents alike will enjoy the positive message from this inspirational speaker.

Don't Look Back (You're Not Going That Way!)

Eric D. Richards

"Failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of success."

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Living in the present and looking ahead to the future despite sins or trials or mistakes in the past is often challenging. Having an attitude of faith and hope, even when things haven't gone our way, is key to being happy and successful in life. With analogies from everyday living, popular speaker Eric D. Richards shares a fun and upbeat fireside message and provides a positive approach to principles of repentance, forgiveness, and kindness. In his unique way, Brother Richards uses humor, inspiring stories, scriptures, and doctrine to remind listeners that the Lord has commanded us to look ahead and not behind

Whose Values Do You Value?

John Bytheway

"If you want to talk to God, pray. If you want God to talk to you, read your scriptures."

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In this interesting and enjoyable talk, John Bytheway explains how the Young Women values and the principles of the Scout Oath are good foundations for personal values in keeping with the Lords expectations. He shares funny stories that appeal to young people, encouraging them to establish high standards and values now to carry them far in a righteous and rewarding life.

The Compare Dare

John Hilton III

"Dare not to compare with others."

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“I dare you . . .” That’s an interesting phrase! In this fireside talk, popular youth speaker John Hilton III gives us a different kind of dare. A dare not to compare. Whether it’s about our looks, our intelligence, or our talents, all of us struggle with comparing ourselves to others. It can be looking down on others—“I did better than you on that test”—or looking down on ourselves—“I’m not as pretty as she is.” But President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, “The Lord doesn’t . . . (nor should we) compare our efforts to those of others.” In this important and engaging talk, John explains both why and how to stop comparing yourself with others.

The Savior Heals Without a Scar

Sheri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson

"A true follower seeks to become more pure."

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The Savior can heal us — emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. In this insightful talk, Sister Dew and Sister Nelson teach us how to receive God's help in making meaningful change and understand the power of the Savior to heal without a scar.

Bad Day, Great Life

Eric D. Richards

"God loves you as you are but he loves you too much to leave you as you are."

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From illness, fear, and depression to betrayal, sin, and simple mistakes, we all have bad days. However, a bad day doesn't need to turn into a bad life! In this upbeat and hope-filled fireside message, popular speaker Eric D. Richards uses humor, stories, doctrine, and a lesson from Polynesia to remind listeners that nothing is so bitter that it can't be sweetened through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "Great opportunities are often disguised as impossible situations," teaches Brother Richards. "The Lord never promised to fix all our problems, but He did promise we'd never go through them alone." 

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