"Space Jam," "Oceans 11" +13 More Hilarious Mormon Mentions in Movies

Starship Troopers

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Many have dissected the subtle ways Battlestar Galactica, created by Mormon Glen A. Larson, connects to Mormon theology—from Kolob to celestial marriage. But when it comes to the Hollywood film Starship Troopers, where humans are at war with an alien race called the Arachnids, the mentions are less subtle.

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In fact, the movie shows an entire newsreel describing the destruction of Mormon extremists who tried to create their own colony in Arachnid territory:

"Every school kid knows that Arachnids are dangerous. However, Mormon extremists disregarded Federal warnings and established Port Joe Smith deep inside the Arachnid Quarantine Zone. Too late they realized that Dantana had already been chosen by other colonists—Arachnids."

Disclaimer: The following clip contains very graphic images. View at your own discretion.

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