15 Meaningful Last-Minute Mutual Activities

by | Feb. 26, 2015

Mormon Life

In a perfect world, teenaged members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would plan mutual activities months in advance, text reminders to class members and invite their non-LDS friends to join them. The teenagers would arrive early and always have an especially good turnout for service projects.

But in the pursuit of that ideal, youth leaders often find themselves in a pinch. If you find yourself without a planned activity just hours before it begins, try one from this list of 15 meaningful last-minute Mutual activities.

(For more ideas — both last-minute and more planning-intensive — and for more details about many of the activities below, visit the Church’s youth activities website. And as always, follow the counsel of local priesthood leaders and Handbook 2 to keep youth safe in all activities you plan.)

1. Service Scavenger Hunt

This activity takes little preparation because the details are determined on the spur of the moment. Divide into groups (if you have a lot of youth) and determine which groups will cover which parts of the ward. Then knock on doors and ask ward members how you can help them. Have each group track what they do and meet back at the church to compare lists—they might provide ideas for future activities and service opportunities. While the youth are providing service, one leader can sneak away for refreshments.

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