15 Signs You Might Be a Texas Mormon

by | Mar. 24, 2015


If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know that it’s a world all of its own. And if you are, or know a Mormon, then you are probably familiar with some of the cultural quirks and traditions. Texas Mormons combine a rich heritage with ardent pride in their culture and state, resulting in a wonderful and unique group of people. Here are 15 tell-tale signs you might just be a Texas Mormon.  

If you attend a ward BBQ outside of Texas, you are disappointed to be served hamburgers and hot dogs rather than brisket, pulled pork, or smoked turkey. 


[. . .]

You’ve heard the following phrases spoken over the pulpit (and you know what they mean): y’all, all y’all, fix’n, fix’n to, hook ‘em, or gig ‘em. 

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