17 Suggestions for Combatting Discouragement and Inadequacy from Sister Aburto

If you feel sad, Sister Reyna I. Aburto, of the Relief Society general presidency, says it’s okay to cry and feel sad for a while. In a talk to students at the Salt Lake Institute on Sept. 13, Sister Aburto shared tips for overcoming feelings of inadequacy and discouragement, Church News reported

Some of the suggestions were more practical and some were of a more spiritual nature but speaking of feelings of sadness, she encouraged students to remember Jesus Christ and think of Him with the promise that the very thought of Him will bring sweetness, joy, and power.

Other interesting pieces of advice included not making a checklist for life, not worrying about what anyone thinks other than Heavenly Father, and learn from good books. 

Her final piece of advice was to kneel down and pray at the end of each day. 

“Tell Him that you have done your best and ask Him to give you His assurance that He is pleased with you,” Sister Aburto said. “He will grant you the honest desires of your heart. He hears and answers every child’s prayer.” 

Read each of the 17 suggestions here

Lead image by Steve Griffin, Deseret News, retrieved from Church News

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