18 Latter-day Saints on Reality TV Who Stood for Their Standards

America's Got Talent

The Duttons, a family of lively country musicians originally from Missouri, were the first group of Latter-day Saints to appear on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Finishing among the top 10 in the second season of the show in 2007, they were also the first group that former judge Sharon Osbourne ever voted “yes” to.

16 Mormons on Reality TV Who Stood for Their Standards

Since then, more Latter-day Saints have made a debut on the America’s Got Talent stage for various impressive acts. The now-famous “dancing violinist” and YouTube star Lindsey Stirling made her debut on the show in 2010. Stirling, who was voted off the show in the quarterfinals, quickly turned any disappointment into determination to improve. She has since found phenomenal success thanks to YouTube and continues to thrive, giving sold-out shows around the world. She was invited back as a special musical guest during the 2014 season where she performed “Shatter Me,” a song from her recent album.


19101Lindsey Sterling: Still Creating

Lindsey Stirling is not only a brilliant violinist, she designs her own costumes and creates visually stunning music videos as well.  Since her time on the show, Stirling has released two albums, "Lindsey Sterling" and "Shatter Me," the second of which hit number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. 

--> Watch Sterling's music video, "Shatter Me."


Two more Latter-day Saints made an appearance in the 2014 season, including the One Voice Children’s Choir with young Latter-day Saint Lexi Walker as the featured vocalist. Josh Wright, a concert pianist, literally added a splash of color to the ninth season with an impressive live version of his “exploding piano” video, which included paint and fire. Wright, who received four “yes” votes from judges during his audition, was not selected for the Top 48.

16 Mormons on Reality TV Who Stood for Their Standards

Reflecting on his experience on America’s Got Talent, Wright shares how his faith influences his performances: “Being on such a show, with all of the competitors being so nervous and so upset if they don’t move on, makes you realize how insignificant and silly the quest for fame is. It’s such an empty goal. I’m grateful for my family and my membership in the Church, for it allows me to see what truly matters in life—cultivating relationships and talents to edify as many people as possible.”


19100Josh Wright: Still Composing

Within three weeks of its release, Wright's debut album, "Josh Wright,"  topped the Classical Billboard charts in 2011.  After his colorful appearance on America's Got Talent, Josh Wright decided to concentrate less on competitions and get back to composing.  His latest album, "Josh Wright: My Favorite Things," blends classical music with current popular hits to create a one-of-a-kind style.

--> Check out Wright's lastest album at deseretbook.com.


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