18 Ways Being Mormon Is Exactly Like a Classic Christmas Movie

As the weather turns stormy and cold and the nights grow longer, there's one thing about the blustery holiday weather I love the most: snuggling up with a blanket and cocoa to watch a Christmas movie. Cartoon, claymation, classic, or Hallmark—it doesn't matter the kind, I'm a sucker for anything that brings that feeling of excitement and holiday magic. 

But there's nothing quite so magical as watching Danny Kay and Bing Crosby tap dance and harmonize or Jimmy Stewart falling in love with life once again. And the more I've watched these classic Christmas flicks, the more I've come to realize I love them so much because they remind me of my own life.

Even though I've never met Fred Astaire or Charlie Brown, as a Latter-day Saint, I'm pretty lucky to have a life full of goodness, cheer, and all the best Christmas can bring. So here are just a few reasons I've noticed being Mormon is like a classic Christmas movie:

1. We love to sing and dance

2. And we're good at it.

3. We're all about family

4. And loving and helping others.

5. We already believe in guardian angels

6. And miracles.

7. When it comes to delicious home-cooked meals

We've already written the book.

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8. And don't even get me started on desserts.

9. We're good at creating warm, fuzzy moments.

10. For Mormons, every family meal feels like a grand event.

11. We're loud and overwhelming

12. But you love us anyway.

13. We're good at spreading cheer

14. And singing loud for all to hear.

15. We're amazing at crafts

16. And coordinating family outfits.

17. We love to be happy

Even during trials.

18. We celebrate and remember Christ every day, not just once a year.

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