19 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

by | Dec. 28, 2014

Mormon Life

1. Use your Money to Make Memories:

People often make a rational calculation: I have a limited amount of money, and I can either go there, or I can have this. If I go there, it’ll be great, but it’ll be done in no time. If I buy this thing, at least I’ll always have it. That is factually true, but not psychologically true. We adapt to our material goods, but the things we DO can make memories that last.

2. Be More Grateful:

Christ healed ten lepers, but only one returned to express gratitude, while the other nine went their way, rejoicing. Christ knew that only the one leper would be fully healed, for he received another gift by expressing his gratitude.

3. Work on Being more Optimistic:

Many people in America and around the world are feeling fatalistic — pessimistic about the future. But optimism has many benefits. A positive outlook is healthy and beneficial every minute you feel it. Science says so, but so does religion.

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