2010 'Thoughtful Mormon Reading List'

Lesson learned this week: short of criticizing Glenn Beck, the best way to generate a response from Mormon readers is to ask for book recommendations.

Indeed, last week's article soliciting potential additions to my Thoughtful Mormon Reading List produced scores of e-mails and online comments, with a final list weighing in at about 200 books.

I have to confess, I didn't have time to do extensive research on each of the titles. I did, however, read at least a little bit about each book recommended (some of you made it easy on me by providing synopses in your e-mails) and below I've compiled a list of eight books I thought best fit the criteria I outlined last week.

Now before you read on, I should include two important caveats. First, I can't vouch for the "truth" of the ideas and philosophies illustrated in these books. One reason is that I haven't actually read all of them, but more importantly, I think I'd be hard pressed to find any book (apart from the Standard Works) that contains nothing but capital-T truth. In a way, that's what makes reading and studying so exhilarating — and essential to Mormon life. If we are to spend our mortal existences searching for truth, it will require sifting through a lot of not-entirely-true ideas and gleaning whatever good they contain.

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