24 More Mormon Moments Caught on Google Earth

by | Apr. 14, 2016

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Do you remember some of these incredible moments caught on Google Earth?

Scaling down the side of the temple in order to clean the windows in Bogotá, Colombia 2012.

Pretty nifty bikes there, Elders! This is from 2009 in the Netherlands. I wonder what they’re doing now…

Well. My Best LDS has managed to find 24 more epic Mormon moments that you can explore for yourself.

If you’re ever in Folsum, California, you must get a picture of yourself reading the Book of Mormon at the crossroads of Reading and Mormon streets.

Elders biking it in Gilbert, Arizona in 2011. MUCH respect to missionaries on bikes in hot climates!

Where your ward would be if…

If you were Frodo Baggins:
This is literally where you would go to Church if you lived in The Shire (Hobbiton, New Zealand). And notice the magical looking ring in the sky above the Church!

If you were the President of the US:

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