25 Painless Ways to be a Member Missionary

by | Oct. 23, 2014

Mormon Life

There’s a rumor going around that Latter-day Saints don’t like doing missionary work. They think it’s scary, they’re hesitant, they avoid it. This is false. We love missionary work. We just lack ideas that fit our personal style. Not everyone can slap a stranger on the back and say, “Hey, Buddy Boy, why don’t you come to church with me?” There actually are people who can do this and succeed with it. But most of us find this approach uncomfortable, if not hair-raising, so we need a few more ideas. Then, once we have them, we’re more than happy to hasten the work.

So here are 25 painless ways to start the ball rolling, and share the greatest news since the Resurrection of Christ, himself: His restored gospel upon the earth.

1. Any time someone moves into your neighborhood or apartment building, take them a welcome basket filled with goodies and info about local places you recommend, even medical referrals. And, of course, your ward location and meeting times.

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