25 Things You Didn't Know About the Tabernacle

by | Oct. 02, 2017

Mormon Life


19. There are 11,623 total pipes in the organ today. Several of the original 700 pipes are still part of the organ today.

20. The visible pipes are made out of wood, not metal. Unlike many organ pipes, the Tabernacle’s organ pipes were made of white Ponderosa pine.

Image title

An image of an angel carved at the top of the Tabernacle organ casing.

21. The visible wooden pipes of the organ were originally painted gold. Later they were covered with imitation gold leafing, and, during renovations, they were at last covered with real gold leaf to give them their shiny, trademark look.

22. The organ was originally run by five men pumping bellows, and later by a waterwheel in the basement. Today, it is run by electricity.

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