Sponsored: Tune in to the 26th International Book of Mormon Evidence Virtual Conference

by | Aug. 19, 2020

With all the craziness going on, are you wondering what's coming next, and am I ready for it?

Where can I go to get more information and be better prepared for the future? 

For more than twelve years thousands of faithful church members have attended the semi-annual  International Book of Mormon Evidence Conferences sponsored by The FIRM Foundation. These events explore relevant topics of our time through presentations by hundreds of experts, scholars and thought leaders in six primary focus areas including Spiritual and Physical Preparedness, Signs of the Times, World Events, Science and Religion, Constitutional Studies and, of course, a focus on the Book of Mormon.   

Now you can take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of hours of intensive research and years of study by these experts as you participate in the largest repository of video information ever assembled online through the www.BookofMormonEvidenceStreaming.com website.   

And the best is yet to come!  Come join with tens of thousands of other truth-seeking members as you hear from renown speakers like: 

Glenn Beck; Radio Hall of Fame inductee and leading American media personality, political commentator and co-founder of The BlazeTV. 

David Barton; Constitutional scholar, historian and Pro-family patriot who founded WallBuilders, an organization dedicated to preserving America’s forgotten miraculous history.   

Tim Ballard; founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) and author of the Lincoln, Washington and Pilgrim hypothesis books as well as the American Covenant series. He will be talking about the upcoming release of his amazing new film “Sound of Freedom” wherein Tim’s story of quitting his job at the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) to save children from drug cartels and human trafficking is played by superstar Jim Caviezel in a riveting tale of danger and hope, love and redemption.   

The Osmonds; including Alan and Suzanne, and their sons David and Nathan Osmond will reveal how the Book of Mormon has impacted their lives and brought about a deep love of the Savior and His restored gospel in a never before done panel discussion that will leave you forever grateful for such devout, faithful families that are incredible examples of our religion.   

Join Book of Mormon scholar Rod Meldrum and over 60 additional experts in the “Virtual” FIRM Foundation Expo and the 26th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference from anywhere, any time on any device... with access to all the presentations on the streaming service for three months!  

Click on www.BookofMormonEvidence.org for all the details and to register for this faith enhancing event!

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