3 LDS Sisters Have Hearing Restored After Undergoing Surgery

by | Sep. 02, 2015

Mormon Life

For three of four Highland sisters, the world had become a quiet place. Lips moved in silence.

"A couple of months ago, I lost all the hearing in my right ear," said 17-year-old Larissa Anderson, who documented her journey on YouTube. "It's just gone. This made it hard to hold a conversation properly. I couldn't listen in class."

All three were born with hearing loss from a condition that makes the cochlea prone to damage. Bethany and Katelyn's was more severe, until recently when Larissa's hearing worsened, too. Despite their profound hearing loss, the girls have done remarkably well, their parents said, and are all attending mainstream schools. They each wear hearing aids and are good at reading lips, they said.

"Honestly, our kids are pretty amazing," said Julie Anderson, the girls' mother.

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