3 Ways to Be an Outstanding Home/Visiting Teacher

Home teaching is a critical part of the Church. It puts extra Priesthood holders in the home at least once a month; it builds unity, friendship, and testimony between members; it supports the weaker of us or those beleaguered in trials, and it brings the Spirit to all involved. Here are some tips to improve your home teaching experience.

1. Set up home teaching appointments at the beginning of the month. A crammed, rushed visit won’t be as uplifting as a well-planned, and pondered-upon visit. Make your calls to those you visit at the beginning of each month. If they don’t answer, stop by randomly, text, or get info through the grapevine. Find a way to contact them. Leave cookies with your name on their doorstep, if you have to.  If you have to, leave a plate of cookies on their doorstep with your name on it.

2. Don’t offer service, just give it. No one wants to ask for help, and when you as a home/visiting teacher offer it, the answer is almost always “No thanks.” Take the initiative and serve them anyway. Cook them dinner, watch their kids, mow their lawn—these initial acts of service will open them up to accept future offers, or could even help the professional home teacher evaders to let you in. and could even help the home teaching evaders

3. Tailor your message. You don’t have to give the same message that is in the Ensign. If the person you are teaching needs a little love, don’t preach President Uchtdorf’s message on ramping up missionary efforts. Teach them about the love of the Savior. It is perfectly okay to do this.

*What advice do you have for bettering your home teaching or visiting teaching?

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