35 Hilarious Primary Program Fiascos Too Good Not to Share

There are few things sweeter than seeing Primary children singing and testifying of our Savior during a Primary program—and there are few things more hilarious than seeing their personalities shine through in unexpected ways. 

We asked our followers on Facebook to share some of these moments during Primary presentations that gave them a chuckle or two, and we weren't disappointed. 

Here are some funny moments that happened in Primary presentations in wards across the world.

1. "We assigned each kid a small speaking part that they would say into the microphone. We encouraged them to memorize their part but had an adult next to the pulpit with a list of what everyone's part was, in case the kids forgot. One of the boys came to the microphone to say his part, paused, and then shouted into the microphone, 'Captain America is AWESOME!' Then he returned to his seat on the stand."
—Heidi Trimble
2. "I was visiting my brother in Nashville and their Primary had maybe 10 to15 kids (it was a branch). This adorable little boy kept popping up and down when, all of the sudden, he went down and maybe two minutes later came up looking acting like a shark. Sounds and all  "
— Andie Nichole Cherry
3. "My 3-year-old pulled the fire alarm. Everyone just sat there. They looked around and just kept going with the program. "
— Melanie Higginbotham

4. "My son was sitting/standing front row to the left of the pulpit, just out of our view. Our bishopric was sitting right in front of him, and they were giggling so much that the trickle effect finally made its way to us. Our 3-year-old was trying desperately to put his hands in his pockets like the musical director asked. He pulled his pants on backwards that morning, so there was much squirming and swirling around in his efforts to actually get his hands in. Bless his heart, he sang loudly throughout the whole ordeal!"
— Sonja Brown Parkin
5. "My little sister was supposed to go up to the pulpit and say her 'scripture hero.' Every kid before her had a really good one. We taught her to say, 'Jesus,' and we had practiced with her SO much beforehand. However, when she got up to the pulpit, my Frozen-loving little sister said, and I quote, 'My scripture hero is Elsa.'"
— Becca Walker
6. "One Junior Primary boy said his part while his mouth was so close to the microphone he was almost eating it. The next boy got up, started his part, leaned back a bit, made a disgusted face, and then wiped off the mic with his sleeve."
— Kerilee Law

7. "The Primary had the idea to have all kids go outside the chapel and walk in all together. I couldn't find my 4-year-old son in the sea of faces. About half way through, my hubby and I decide to go search the building, and my hubby found him in a classroom sitting with the High Priests"
— Heather Russell Christensen
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