35 Hilarious Primary Program Fiascos Too Good Not to Share

15. "A little boy sitting behind the sacrament table kept sneaking his hand under the cloth and grabbing handfuls of bread."
— Collette Berry Smith
16. "Each Sunbeam was supposed to say their name followed by, 'and I'm a child of God.' One little boy confidently declared, 'I'm Buzz Lightyear, and I'm a child of God!'"
— Hilary Price Campbell
17. "My son on the front row as a Sunbeam proudly showing his Primary teacher (and everyone else) his new Spider-Man underwear. Thankfully it was just the rehearsal because he showed her a lot more than his underwear. "
— Lindsay Walden
18. "From the UK, so if you have 13 kids in Primary, you have a pretty good-sized Primary. We had 2 children 8 or older, and the rest were Sunbeams. Only 4 children from our ward showed up, and 3 visitors who wanted to join in. (I also had 1 counselor, that was it) Gradually, the kids started to get upset ,and one by one left the stand to sit by their parents. At the end, there were 3 children still on the stand. One sat by her mother at the piano and decided not to sing the last song but do some interpretive dance instead. What do you expect from 3-year-olds? Primary, to this day, is what I love most."
— Amy Jade Hamblin
19. "A CTR 4 girl was being prompted by her teacher to say a scripture that ended with the phrase 'God of the most high.' What she actually said was, 'God of Monster High.'"
— Brittany Morgan Adams

20. "While staying with us, our nonmember grandson was participating in his first Primary program. He had practiced speaking loud, clear, and knowing his part without help. We were excited and proud as he stood at the podium. In a loud and very clear voice he began, 'The Lord talked with Moses. He also smoked with Joseph Smith.' With a beaming bright smile, he returned to his seat. He didn't even notice the chuckles going through the congregation."
— Jane Dugan
21. "As I was leading the music, my son got hold of a pen somehow. He drew a face on his hand and held it up. It sang all the songs. I just had to stand there and ignore it. But the congregation loved it, I guess ."
— Trisha Wilson
22. "My son partially disrobing so everyone could see his tie right before he said his part (he was wearing a sweater vest). Another kid was literally standing on his head so his feet were straight up in the air and you couldn't see his face!"
— Meghan McGuire Mitchell
23. "We had the Sunbeams sit on the floor on the stand during a few speaking parts. As the chorister, I watched horrified as some sock puppets popped up over the side for all to see. It seemed that none of the adults on the stand noticed, and I couldn't seem to get anyone's attention.  "
— Amy Willis Johnson

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