35 Hilarious Primary Program Fiascos Too Good Not to Share

24. "I taught Sunbeams in a ward with a large Primary. For the Primary program, they had set up folding chairs just in front of the front row of podium seats. One little girl in my class kept standing on her chair and leaning over the back, playing with a sibling behind her. As I reached around to have her sit down, I realized she had on no underwear. She had just "mooned" the entire ward! Her poor mom was mortified and assured me she was wearing them when they left their house. I still laugh 20 some-odd years later."
— Vikki Platt Jessen
25. "One kid wrote his testimony in a paper and it accidentally fell to the ground while he's on the microphone... he was so sad because he has nothing to read and didn't memorize it . He said... ' my testimony is gone, it flew to the ground, can someone pls help me get it back' ... someone picked it up and hand it to the cute boy: ) so funny."
— Aundrey Brew
26. "My kid as a CTR was really feeling the love and started swaying and waiving his arms in the air just like people do in a concert when they shine their BIC/cell phone flashlight. "
— Cathy Ambrose
27. "My son became obsessed with his belly button like he had never seen it before. He was on the front row and just went exploring and investigating!  
"Another son was supposed to say, 'I am grateful for the creation of animals.' He edited it to, 'I am grateful for the creation of Dinosaurs!'
Lastly, it started with my second-oldest, after he said his part, he would wink at Grandma every year (who wasn't a member). All my kids continued the tradition even after she got baptized at 68."
— DixieJo Simpson Dunn
28. "A little boy in our ward stood up and started his part but then forgot what he was supposed to say. He then smacked his forehead with the palm of his hand, slightly hung his head and said, "oh s%#*! I screwed it up!" His mom went beet red and hunkered down into the pew for the rest of the meeting."
— Nikki Nelson
29. "My sister turning her back on the congregation when she was forced by Dad to go up and sing with the Primary. She marched up to the front, gave a glare, then turned around and folded her arms until it was over."
— Melanie Osterhout-Clark

30. "We got a new bishop just a couple weeks before the program. My son ended up sitting next to him during the program. As they were sitting there, my son kept up a running conversation the whole time, stopping only to stand and sing. At one point, he placed his hand on the bishop's head and rubbed it, saying, 'Where did all your hair go?' (Our bishop is bald). The bishop looked at him and replied, 'I don't know. I lost it.' My son then said, 'I can help you find it.'" 
— Jane Drury Connolly Jensen
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