36 of the Best Twitter Reactions to General Conference

Latter-day Saints from all over the world tuned in to general conference last weekend and were spiritually fed by the words of our prophet and Church leaders. 

People turned to Twitter to share their thoughts on the messages and their responses were inspiring, thoughtful, and hilarious. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. The new block schedule might be confusing for a while:

2. God always follows through:

3. When Elder Uchtdorf called himself a "German shepherd":

4. The choir member who was just happy to be there:

5. Elder Bednar used some great visuals:

6. She finally got to share her amazing joke:

7. Our prophet may be 94, but he's young at heart:

8. How does everyone end up with the same one? 

9. A great response for when someone asks if you're "Mormon":

10. Digital marketers were rejoicing everywhere:

11. Addressing the effects of the 10-day social media fast:

12. Everyone got excited when President Nelson started talking about temples:

13. We'll be patiently waiting for the new home-centered gospel study:

14. Me listening to almost every talk this conference:

15. They must feel relieved after the Sunday afternoon session ends:

16. Is it even conference weekend if cinnamon rolls aren't involved? 

17. What a beautiful talk given by Elder Holland:

18. I don't think the German shepherd tweets will ever get old:

19. This is actually pretty accurate:

20. We love a good Marvel movie reference:

21. No wonder conference makes me hungry!

22. This quote is so important:

23. You can use the correction of the name of the Church to share the gospel:

24. Things can get a little crazy toward the end of the Sunday afternoon session:

25. The worst kind of punishment, honestly:

26. President Eyring waving to the crowd is so sweet:

27. The answer is no. It didn't. 

28. Don't let Satan win the petty little war:

29. Did this happen to you?

30. Everyone's a little nervous (but mostly excited) about their new responsibilities:

31. What do you do during the prayers? 

32. Does online school work count as negative media? 

33. Me all. Conference. Long:

34. We went to church for three hours and walked up hill both ways in the snow:

35. Subtle parallels between Elder Holland and Superman:

36. Take that, Satan:

Lead image by Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
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