Elder Oaks Shares 4 Doctrines President Packer Will Be Remembered For Teaching

by | Jul. 10, 2015

In his remarks today at President Boyd K. Packer’s funeral, Elder Dallin H. Oaks remarked on President Packer’s love of Church doctrine. He shared:

In addition to his sacred calling as an apostle, President Packer will best be remembered as a teacher. He was always teaching. He taught by example, he taught by talks and books, he taught by individual counsel, and he taught in small groups, such as in the instructions he gave in various meetings of general authorities. I will mention some of these teachings:

He always taught entire loyalty to the leadership and decisions of the president of the Church. President Monson, he taught us to love you and follow you.

As Elder Ballard has already mentioned, priesthood ordinances and covenants were uppermost in President Packer’s mind.

He loved and promoted the use of the scriptures.

And he was renowned for his focus on the central and eternal importance of the family.

He taught that the study of doctrine will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior. This encouraged us to teach doctrine and principle rather than rules.

In closing his remarks, Elder Oaks testified, "Our faith has prepared us to know the truth of the teaching that love lives on and death is only a horizon that limits our vision of the glories that lie beyond. The life that we treasure here in mortality is only temporary, but the supremely important eternal life that we seek is infinite in duration and incomprehensibly glorious in quality. And it is all made possible by our Savior Jesus Christ, of whom I bear my apostolic witness."

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