4 Easy Ways to Make Church More Meaningful

by | Apr. 01, 2014

FunMormon Life

You know those times you go to a meeting, program, or activity that you feel the Spirit so strong or the message was so great that you come back home with this amazing feeling that your life has been changed and you have committed to becoming a better person? EFY is a good example of when this has happened to me. Now this is a week long camp but if you’ve ever gone, you know that by the time you come home, you are a different person. You want to be better so much that your heart feels like it’s on fire!

I love those times I have felt this in my life. The times when I have felt the Spirit so strongly that it stays burning inside me and I am able to carry that feeling with me for an extended period of time and it makes me want to share it with the world. To shout from a mountain top that the GOSPEL IS TRUE! These are the times in my life that I am the happiest!

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