4 Questions Sister Sharon Eubank Is Focusing on in Her Studies About Priesthood Power

by | Mar. 06, 2020

In October 2019 general conference, President Russell M. Nelson invited Latter-day Saint women to study section 25 of the Doctrine and Covenants and “discover what the Holy Ghost will teach you” about how to access God's priesthood power. For those who accepted that invitation, President Nelson gave the following promise:

“Your personal spiritual endeavor will bring you joy as you gain, understand, and use the power with which you have been endowed,” he said, noting that each covenant keeping man and woman “who participates worthily in priesthood ordinances, has direct access to the power of God.” 

Sister Eubank recently shared her experience with Church News about accepting President Nelson’s invitation and how she realized she was “unconsciously living below [her] priesthood privileges.” 

This realization brought her to focus on the following questions about priesthood power:  

  • What am I doing with that endowment of priesthood power?
  • How does it affect my calling?
  • What does it mean for my most important relationships?
  • How might I use it to help someone else?

“One thing I learned is that an ‘endowment’ means a gift so large that just the interest alone can be used to pay all the expenses and still not touch the original gift,” she told Church News. “If we are endowed with priesthood power, then it’s a source that constantly renews and can never be exhausted.”

Learn more about what the Relief Society general presidency learned from President Nelson’s invitation and the blessings that can come from learning about priesthood power on Church News.

Danielle christensen

Danielle Christensen

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