4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Hear

"Follow Your Intuition"

The avalanche of conflicting parenting advice from friends, family, doctors, and the internet can be very overwhelming for a new mom. And although it is important to be educated, most of the time the best advice, as one of my new-mom friends put it, is simply, "follow your gut." 

The Holy Ghost works through simple thoughts and feelings. President Spencer W. Kimball said in the Friend magazine in 1971, "These heaven-sent instructions or warnings parents receive for their families might be called intuition or the voice of the Lord coming into their minds from heavenly sources to safeguard their homes."

President Kimball said that his own life was saved numerous times through his mother's intuition.

"During my young boyhood, there were many occasions when mother's instructive and intuitive understanding prompted her to know that help was needed. Once on a stormy night she directed my father to go and search for me, only to find that my horse had stumbled and thrown me into a pool of half-frozen mud. My mother had known that help was needed.
"Someone has coined a statement that has great significance: 'God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.'"

So, new moms: no matter what anyone says, follow your motherly intuition. Your Heavenly Father knows your baby best of all, and you know your baby second-best of all. Don't let anyone else's well-meaning advice get in the way of that.

Everyone else: Share your advice when it's asked for, but be sure mom knows that her inner radar knows best, and applaud her for following her gut, even if her approach is different than yours.

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