4 Ways to Find Heavenly Peace in a Darkening World

by | Nov. 21, 2015

Mormon Life

The lyrics “Sleep in heavenly peace” from the Christmas hymn “Silent Night” have seemingly always reached deep into my soul. As a child I wanted to have the ability to feel heavenly peace, even when very hard physical challenges were part of my life. I found it, early on, in the Lord. Looking back, I realize how amazingly blessed I was to have physical issues that caused a whispering in my soul that there is ‘more to this journey’ and ‘more peace to be found’ even when others may not feel it.

We each have a plethora of things to rob us of peace. The world at large is boiling over with crime, war, threats, and natural disasters.

The personal issues are, however, ones that may constantly pull at us – reaching to grab our peace and steal it away. 

Pain, addiction, debt, illness, contention, fear, and worries over sin – our own or our concern over somebody else’s – may suck the peace out of us like a powerful vacuum cleaner. Thankfully, blessedly, we can obtain peace despite the problems.

Heavenly peace is real. 

It comes from the source of righteousness. The Prince of Peace brought it when he was born into this mortal world. As we remember Him, and reach for Him and our Father in heaven, we move closer to that spot of peace and calm inside. 

Here are a few ways to help bring more peace to our souls:

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Find your own inner peace with Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy by Elder Richard G. Scott.

The gospel of Jesus Christ offers us the consummate gifts of peace, happiness, and joy. But to many, these eternal promises seem elusive, even unattainable. In his familiar, warm style, Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares truths we need to understand and embrace to truly have a life of peace, happiness, and joy.

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