4 Ways to Know God Loves You

With all the challenges that come with living in the latter-days, it can sometimes be difficult to recognize the love that God has for us. In her recent BYU Women's Conference address, sister Carol F. McConkie, First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, shared four ways for us to know God loves us. 

1. Believe you are a daughter of God

“You are a beloved spirit daughter of Heavenly Parents, from whom you have inherited spiritual gifts and talents,” Sister McConkie taught. “You have a divine nature and destiny. Before you were born, you knew and worshiped God as your Eternal Father, and as His daughter, you accepted His plan to come to earth, obtain a body, and be created in His image.”

Satan does not want women to understand their divine identity, she explained. “The prince of darkness would have you believe that your value lies in worldliness, including a focus on perfect appearance, acquiring impressive wealth, gaining recognition and the popularity of friends and neighbors with your brilliant ideas, superlative service, the number of likes on your social media post, and, of course, your remarkable ability to successfully compete with others and gain the upper hand in every situation.”

This kind of pride leaves individuals susceptible to sin, depression, anxiety, fear, and, ultimately, spiritual death, Sister McConkie said. “Continually competing and comparing with one another diminishes true joy and stifles the spiritual gifts that lift the soul and expand our understanding.”

However, choosing to humbly worship God invites the Spirit. “We know and feel that we literally are His spirit daughters and that we have inherited divine qualities and characteristics that make us who we really are. ... I testify, sisters, God loves you simply because you are His, not because of anything you've done, but because you are His.”

2. Believe that you have a Savior, Jesus Christ

The purpose of the Savior's mission was “to atone for your sins and for mine, to die an ignominious death, and by the power of God rise in power and glory that you and all mankind may be raised to immortality and raised to eternal life if we will believe and obey,” Sister McConkie said.

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