40 Things You Didn't Know about Temple Square

by | May 23, 2014


The Seagull Monument 


Photo from mysteryofutahhistory.blogspot.com

20. This monument to the seagulls that saved the early Saints from a plague of crickets was built specifically so that, when looking at it, you would see the seagulls against the blue sky. That's harder to do today with the large trees growing around it, but it's still meant to be viewed at that angle. 

The Nauvoo Temple Bell 


Photo from webs.schule.at

21. The Nauvoo Bell (originally hung in the Nauvoo temple) was brought by wagon train to the Salt Lake Valley after the Saints were forced out of Nauvoo. It was rung during the journey to signal daybreak and departure, and to warn hostile natives that night sentries were on duty.

22. The bell weighs 782 pounds and sounds a perfectly-pitched “C” note when struck. It's rung hourly on Temple Square, and is the bell heard on KSL broadcasts.

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