42 Songs Prophets Have Quoted in Conference (from Broadway to Country Music)

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"Make the World Brighter" by Mrs. Frank A. Breck & Frank A. Simpkins

Quoted By: Thomas S. Monson, "Yellow Canaries with Gray on Their Wings," April 1973 “Go, gladden the lonely, the dreary;

Go, comfort the weeping, the weary;
Go, scatter kind deeds on your way;
Oh, make the world brighter today!”

"Marching to Glory" by William Hunter

Quoted By: Mark E. Peterson, "Eternal Togetherness," October 1974 "We used to sing in Sunday School a hymn with words that went like this:

"We’re marching, marching homeward
To that bright land afar;
We work for life eternal;
It is our guiding star."

Another verse reads:

"Then day by day we’re marching,
To heaven we are bound;
Each good act brings us nearer
That home where we’ll be crowned."

"The Momotaro Song" a Traditional Japanese Song

Quoted By: Boyd K. Packer, "An Appeal to Prospective Elders," April 1975

"And then I recalled a little song that I had learned those 26 years before, and I sang it to those children:

Momotaro-san, Momotaro-san
Okoshi ni tsuketa kibi dango
Hitotsu watashi ni kudasai na"

"The 'Mormon' Boy" by Evan Stephens

Quoted By: David B. Haight, "Hymn of the Obedient: 'All is Well'" October 1997

"It was there we would sing “A Mormon Boy.” We don’t hear that song much anymore. I wish we would.

A Mormon boy, a Mormon boy, 
I am a Mormon boy. 
I might be envied by a king, 
For I am a Mormon boy”

"No Man Is an Island" by John Donne

Quoted By: Richard H. Winkel, "No Man Is an Island," October 1999 "I would like you to contemplate the first two verses of the song adapted from a meditation by John Donne:No man is an island;

No man stands alone.
Each man’s joy is a joy to me;
Each man’s grief is my own.We need one another,
So I will defend
Each man as my brother;
Each man as my friend."

"Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," by Unknown

Quoted By: Neal A. Maxwell, "How Choice a Seer!" October 2003

"Yes, as in the lyrics of the moving spiritual of yesteryear, 'Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, nobody knows but Jesus.'"

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