5 Best Mormon Videos of 2013

We all love to watch videos, whether on YouTube or a friend’s Facebook wall, whether humorous, or heart-warming. With all the videos you’ve seen this year we wanted to make sure you didn’t forget these five favorite Mormon videos featured on the LDS Living’s website during the year 2013 from various places around the web.

Mormon Man Recovering from Surgery Thinks he Meets his Wife for the First Time. 

By far the most popular video in 2013, this touching video features an LDS man waking up from surgery. Imagine his delight when the "most beautiful women he's ever seen" turns out to be his wife! This amazing video ended up with semi-stardom for the couple when the Today show awarded them a "Most Memborable Moment" award for the viral video. Warm your heart and watch it now:

I Know Who I Am - LDS Youth Flash Mob at Temple Square

Be inspired while you watch 300+ youth singing and dancing their testimonies on Temple Square. Listen to the testimonies of youth from the South Jordan River Stake as they share their experiences with a challenge to read the Book of Mormon and a plan to share it through a carefully planned flash mob. (There's also a longer version you can watch here.)

Video: Les Mis' One Day More (Missionary Parody)

The beloved Broadway song is given a clever Mormon twist through visuals. If you need a little more clarification to what’s actually going on in the film, take a glance through the description as posted on YouTube:

"This is merely a song visually altered to describe the story of a missionary (Adam Tanner) who receives his mission call and must say goodbye to his needy BYU girlfriend (Jenni Zackrison). Also following the loneliness and despair of Eponine (Julie Jacobs) who continues to stalk the elder to no end. On the other side of the earth, a district leader breaks the rules by watching a movie in a theater while on his mission and remains afraid that he will soon be in deep doo-doo. Back at home, as the mission prep instructor (Grant Amann) prepares his students, the missionary must come to a choice on whether to serve the Lord or to shrivel away forever. At the same time, a punk (Ryan Humphrey) watches the prep-class and decides to serve a mission as well... while two hungry members sneak into the church kitchen and find the LDS church's beloved green-jello and diet products."

Union Square, NYC: Missionaries Draw Giant Chalk Plan of Salvation

Missionaries in New York City are finding ways to bring their testimonies of the gospel to life and start conversations with passer-byers by using their artistic abilities and sidewalk chalk. Take an inside look at this very unique, successful project!

LDS Trick-shot Toddler, Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum in New Video

This year the web fell in love with the adorable LDS two-year-old and his remarkable trick shot videos. Titus not defeated Shaq on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but the most popular video of Titus from 2013 shows the little YouTube star joined by a-list movie stars Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum in the third Trick-shot Titus video:

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