5 Big Changes, Announcements from April Conference

From five new temples to not showing hymn lyrics during congregational hymns, this conference weekend saw many exciting changes and new announcements. Catch up on them here:

President Monson Announced 5 New Temples

On Sunday, President Thomas S. Monson announced five new temples, bringing the number of temples announced or under construction 27 and those in operation 155, meaning soon we will have 182 operating temples worldwide!

The five temples that were announced will be built in Brasília, Brazil; the greater Manila, Philippines, area; Nairobi, Kenya; Pocatello, Idaho; and Saratoga Springs, Utah. Learn more about each of these temple sites here.

First Presidency Announced New Relief Society General Presidency

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During the Saturday afternoon session of conference, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf announced a new Relief Society general presidency that was sustained by the Church: Jean B. Bingham, Sharon Eubank, and Reyna I. Aburto.

Sister Bingham, who was called at the 17th general president of Relief Society, was recently serving as the first counselor in the Primary general presidency at the time of her call. Sister Eubank works as the director of LDS Charities, a role she will continue while serving as the Relief Society presidency first counselor. Sister Aburto was born in Nicaragua and served on the Primary general board from 2012 to 2016. Learn more about the new presidency here.

We are grateful for the service of Sister Linda K. Burton and her counselors Sister Carole M. Stephens and Sister Linda S. Reeves.

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First Presidency Announced New Primary General Presidency Member

Because Sister Jean B. Bingham was serving as the first counselor in the Primary general presidency when she was called as Relief Society general president, President Uchtdorf announced that Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, who was the second counselor, would become the first counselor in the Primary presidency and Sister Cristina B. Franco would become the newest member of the Primary general presidency. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sister Franco was serving with her husband in the Argentina Resistencia Mission at the time of her call. She will begin her new calling in the Primary general presidency this July, once her mission is finished. Learn more about her here.

The Church Stopped Broadcasting Hymn Lyrics 

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Many members across the world noticed a slight change this general conference weekend: there were no hymn lyrics written on screen during the congregational hymns.

According to a forum on lds.org, the change was deliberate:

We are no longer broadcasting the lyrics to the congregational hymn. Why, you ask?
All the world receives the same video feed. We then add over 90 live languages to that video. In a global church, it no longer makes sense to have everyone view the English lyrics on their screen.

Now, those all around the world can grab a hymnal or turn to their newly updated gospel library app or lds.org to view the words of the hymn in their own language!

First Presidency Announced 6 New General Authority Seventies, 36 New Area Seventies

During the Saturday afternoon session of conference, President Uchtdorf announced six new general authority seventies: Taylor G. Godoy, Joni L. Koch, Adilson de Paula Parrella, John C. Pingree Jr., 
Brian K. Taylor, and Taniela B. Wakolo. Learn more about each of these general authorities here.

In addition, President Uchtdorf announced 36 new area seventies: Luis R. Arbizú, Mejicanos, El Salvador; David A. Benalcázar, Quito, Ecuador; Berne S. Broadbent, South Jordan, Utah; David L. Buckner, New York, New York; L. Todd Budge, Sandy, Utah; Luciano Cascardi, São Paulo, Brazil; Ting Tsung Chang, East District, Taiwan; Pablo H. Chavez, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Raymond A. Cutler, Bountiful, Utah; Fernando P. Del Carpio, Tacna, Peru; José L. Del Guerso, Itapema, Brazil; Aleksandr A. Drachyov, Novosibirsk, Russia; I. Raymond Egbo, Accra, Ghana; Carlos R. Fusco Jr., São Paulo, Brazil; Jorge A. García, Tijuana, Mexico; Gary F. Gessel, Tacoma, Washington; Guillermo I. Guardia, San Cristóbal, Venezuela; Marcel Guei, Cocody, Cote d'Ivoire; José Hernández, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Karl D. Hirst, Brixworth, England; Ren S. Johnson, Reno, Nevada; Jay B. Jones, Fairview, Texas; Anthony M. Kaku, Cape Coast, Ghana; Paul N. Lekias, Padbury, Australia; John A. McCune, Springville, Utah; Tomas S. Merdegia Jr., Calamba City, Philippines; Artur J. Miranda, Sandton, South Africa; Elie K. Monga, Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo; Juan C. Pozo, La Paz, Bolivia; Anthony Quaisie, Accra, Ghana; James R. Rasband, Provo, Utah; Carlos G. Revillo Jr., Plaridel, Philippines; Martin C. Rios, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Johnny F. Ruiz, La Chorrera, Panama; K. Roy Tunnicliffe, York, England; Moisés Villanueva, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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