5 Books to Help When You or a Loved One Begin Doubting Your Faith

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are encouraged to ask questions. However, sometimes the questions can overwhelm our lives or the lives of those we love. We can be left wondering where to turn. These five books are fantastic resources for anyone struggling with their faith. They can also help you understand how to better help someone you love.

1. Worth the Wrestle

In Worth the Wrestle, Sheri Dew examines the process of asking good questions—whether those questions be doctrinal, procedural, historical, or intensely personal—and learning how to get answers. She demonstrates how to live by faith while seeking greater light and knowledge. And she testifies of principles that are worth wrestling for and of understanding that can be gained in no other way. (Read an excerpt here.)

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2. Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt

In recent years, many faithful Church members have encountered challenging aspects of Church history, belief, or practice. Feeling isolated, alienated, or misled, some struggle to stay. Some simply leave. Many search for a reliable and faithful place to work through their questions. The abundance of information online can leave them frustrated. Planted offers those who struggle—and those who love them—practical ways to stay planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Read an excerpt here.)
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3. The Crucible of Doubt

This insightful book offers a careful, intelligent look at doubt—at some of its common sources, the challenges it presents, and the opportunities it may open up in a person’s quest for faith. Whether you struggle with your own doubts or mostly want to understand loved ones who question, you will appreciate this candid discussion. You’ll come away feeling more certain than ever of the Lord’s love for all of His children.
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4. Doubt Not, But Be Believing

Doubts will come, but you can stay strong. Learn how to help your loved ones who are dealing with doubts about the Church. Written by CES professional and experienced author David Marsh, this book helps you examine common sources of doubt, shows you how to find answers to tough questions, and teaches you to address these struggles as the Savior did.

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5. Holding Fast: Dealing with Doubt in the Latter Days

This book is written to anyone (young or old) who has experienced doubts or who wants a stronger testimony of the gospel. In more than thirty years as a religious educator, Brother Millet has spent hundreds of hours meeting with people who wrestle with questions. He has observed what kinds of attitudes and habits undermine testimony and which ones engender steadfast hope and faith. Out of that experience, he has distilled principles that will help Latterday Saints hold fast to faith in the midst of opposition. If you are striving to know—to know in a way that will see you through trials and assaults and criticism of beliefs you hold sacred—this book is for you!
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