5 Famous Mormons Who Served Missions (& Where)

Elaine Bradley (Germany)

“It started with a whisper.”

The lyrics to one of Neon Trees’ most popular songs could also accurately describe the spiritual transformation of their drummer, Elaine Bradley. A rock and roll girl since birth, Elaine’s musical prowess brought her into an environment where, in her younger years, she made some poor decisions. However, a series of spiritual promptings inspired her to eventually serve a mission in Germany.

Shortly after returning home, Elaine teamed up with fellow returned missionaries Tyler Glenn, Chris Allen, and Branden Campbell to form Neon Trees. Since then, the band has enjoyed tremendous success—touring with Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift, performing on late night talk shows, and climbing the Billboard charts.

“When I had [my] spiritual realization,” Elaine told Mormon Women, “I quit drinking, I quit doing drugs . . . I just quit it all.” Now, as key players in an industry that encourages riotous living habits, Neon Trees has a policy of abstinence. “There’s definitely a moral strength and comfort that comes from it,” she said. “[Drugs and alcohol are] never a temptation because we’ve already agreed.”

Whatever heights she and her bandmates reach, Elaine is devoted to remaining grounded in the gospel—and she credits her determination to her missionary service. “From then on I was committed,” she said. “I never wavered after that.”

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