5 Favorite Comedy Clips from Studio C


Presidential Shoulder Angel

Star Matt Meese is well known for his impressive talent as a shoulder angel, solving moral dilemmas for a variety of people from bank robbers to Shawn Bradley. This time shoulder angel Matt faces some opposition from the President’s body guards, resulting in the most impressive display of acrobatics from the heavenly advisor yet! 

Facebook Friends

We all have Facebook friends whose predictable status update topics make us groan, roll our eyes, or just plain laugh.  How many personalities do you recognize from your own experience in this hilarious musical version of the Facebook newsfeed?

Dana’s Dead

Watch as Matt, Stacey, Jason, Adam, and Mallory deftly determine the details of Dana’s death in a dizzying discourse of ‘d’s. Things get even more complicated when they must start again from the beginning every time a tongue gets twisted!

Captain Literally

You are literally going to laugh out loud at this sketch!  Matt, as super-hero “Captain Literally,” restores balance by literalizing statements that misuse the word “literally.” The first in a set of four “Captain Literally” sketches, this sketch will leave you glued to your seat and on top of the world!

Spelling Bee

“Samuel Banks” and “Eddie ‘The Brick’ Harrison” compete for a full tuition scholarship at the Inner City Spelling Bee. “Samuel’s” dreams are crushed, however, when the judges calmly present an outrageous list of slang terms for the contestants to spell!


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