5 Minutes a Day to a Christ-centered Easter Week

by | Apr. 14, 2014

Mormon Life

Sunday, April 20

On This Day: Jesus is resurrected! An angel moves the stone from the tomb and tells Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome that the Lord is risen from the dead. The women run to tell the disciples. Later Christ appears to Mary Magdalene and His disciples. He commands them to go out and preach the glad tidings of the gospel. (Mark 16)

**In the Americas, light returns to the land and the earth heals itself. (3 Nephi 10:9-10)

Watch and Listen

Reflect: How does the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring light to your life? What can you do during the upcoming year to remember the message of Easter and apply it in your family's everyday life?

BONUS: If you have a half hour on Sunday afternoon, you might consider watching this Easter compilation of LDS.org Bible videos.

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