5 Mother's Day Videos to Make You Smile

by | May 07, 2014


1. To Every Mother

Every time a baby is born, so is a mother.

2. Mom's Hands

A touching reminder of all the things a mom's hands did and do for you throughout your life.

3. Kid Snippets: Mother's Day (As Imagined by Kids)

This is probably a pretty accurate portrayal of Mother's Day for a lot of women I know.

4. World's Toughest Job

Unlimited hours. No breaks. Watch what happens when unsuspecting people apply for the world's toughest job.

5. The Best Way to Talk Behind Your Mom's Back

What would you say about your mom if you didn't think she was listening? Watch what happens when people explain why their moms are so amazing only to find out their moms are listening to every word.

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