5 Questions to Find Out If Your Heart Is Spiritually Healthy

Michael D. Brown, a professor of physiology and developmental biology at BYU, advised students to assess the spiritual health of their hearts by asking themselves five questions at Tuesday’s Devotional on March 31.

Brown likened the functionality of the human heart to that of one’s spiritual well being. The physical heart provides nourishment for the body, but the spiritual heart is what strengthens the spirit by prompting one to serve, Brown said. However, the heart must be reliable and strong to enable one to live a spiritually stable life. 

“How is your heart doing?” Brown asked. “Spiritually speaking, is it beating regularly, or is it skipping beats? Is it beating strongly, or is it weak and thready?”

Brown said everyone needs to make sure their hearts are working properly, physically and spiritually. He proceeded to outline five questions one can ask to perform a thorough self check-up.

A pure heart

“First, we can ask ourselves, ‘Is my heart pure?’” Brown said.

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