5 Throwback Church Commercials That Portray Moms Perfectly

by | May 08, 2015


In honor of Mother's Day, we've put together a list of six things we love about moms that are perfectly portrayed in old Church commercials.

Moms love to have fun with their kids

Give them a chance to do something with you that you both love, and you might be surprised how competitive they can be.

Moms love when their kids talk to them

Moms are one of the few people you can talk to on the phone without awkward silence.

Moms are good listeners

And even when you're an adult they always seem to know just what to say when you ask for advice.

Moms are always busy

But they never forget what's really important--you.

Moms always know everything going on in their kids' lives

And somehow manage to keep it all straight.


Grab a box of tissues before you watch these two tributes from Mother's Days past.

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