5 Ways Women Are Already Given Priesthood Authority & Officiate in Priesthood Ordinances in the Church

4. In the temple women are endowed, clothed, or vested with priesthood identities.

Any individual who attends the temple thoughtfully will notice the priesthood language used again and again in initiating, clothing, and instructing both women and men to prepare them to officiate in the ordinances of the templeto minister in the work of angels and to enter God’s presence.

The direct descendants of Aaron, the only legitimate heirs to the priesthood in Moses’ day, were consecrated to or vested with their priestly office upon reaching adulthood through special ceremonies and sacrifices described in the Bible dictionary as follows: 1) They were washed at the door at the door of the Tabernacle. 2) They were clothed with the priestly garments, coats, girdles, and turbans. 3) They were anointed with holy oil.

They then offered three sacrifices: a sin offering to put away their sin, a burnt offering to indicate the full and complete surrender of themselves to God, and a peace or consecration offering. The priests’ hands were filled with parts of these sacrifices. These sacrificial offerings, the gifts that hence forward they would offer on behalf of the people, were thus committed to them. Women are initiated into, endowed with, clothed with, or vested with priestly identities in the temple.

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