5 Ways You Can Follow Elder Kearon's Challenge to Aid Refugees

by | Apr. 26, 2016

Mormon Life

They come to Utah after being forced to flee from Iraq, Burma, Somalia and Syria. Mostly women and children, they’ve been persecuted for their religion, race or nationality. In our state alone, there are 60,000 refugees from more than 20 countries. And according to top LDS Church leaders, they need our help.

“These individuals have undergone tremendous difficulties and are starting over in new countries and cultures,” said Relief Society General President Linda K. Burton at the recent LDS general conference. “… What they need is a friend and ally who can help them adjust to their new home, a person who can help them learn the language, understand the systems and feel connected.”

With this call to action — and with the subsequent launch of the website and relief effort “I Was a Stranger” — Utahns have been searching for ways to aid refugees both locally and internationally. Here are five organizations you can work with to help refugees near and far.

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