5 Ways to Help Your Friend Who's Struggling with Faith

by | Feb. 15, 2015

Makes You Think

According to The Wall Street Journal, you should listen to your friend's problems rather than advise. Experts told the WSJ that this helps your friends feel supported when trying to make important life decisions.

And while the WSJ’s article focuses more on marriage problems, this can also apply to your friend’s relationship with God. After all, 89 percent of young Americans are willing to talk to their friends about religion, even if they don’t always agree on their beliefs, according to LifeWay Research.

So how do you talk to your friend who’s struggling with his or her faith when the best advice is to listen? Here are five things you can say that’ll help your friend move past his or her struggles while still keeping the friendship strong.

“God works in mysterious ways”

Friends can sometimes wonder what God’s plan is for them. You can remind them that God and faith work in mysterious ways.

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