5 Ways to Spiritually 'Find Yourself'

“The world would have us believe that ‘finding yourself’ is a self-centered journey without consequence. You do not want to rely on what the world tells you that you should do with your life – your potential is yours alone and it is your sacred obligation to figure out what that is and to pursue it,” Director of the Romney Institute of Public Management David Hart said.

Hart then gave five suggestions to help in coming to “know thyself.”


3. Be awe-full.

Not in the horrid sense, but in the amazing sense.

“So my third suggestion to you is to be awe-full. Or, put another way, be full of awe. Make a conscious effort to find awe and wonder in the small and ordinary of everyday life.”

He counseled students to find the awe in the natural beauty that surrounds them and in the spiritual side of things they do. “Earnestly seek to see and appreciate the Lord’s hand in your life, because it’s everywhere around you,” Hart Said. “All of us here are tremendously blessed in ways we may not fully realize, and we all benefit even more when we recognize the Lord’s influence in our lives.”

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