5 Ways to Understand God's Time That Will Help You Better Manage Your Own

The success of people’s mortal experience depends in large part on how they use their time, said Bishop Gérald Caussé, Presiding Bishop of the Church, during a Brigham Young University–Idaho campus devotional held in the BYU–Idaho Center on May 10.

“Time is an essential element of our earthly existence as human beings,” he said. “It is one of our most useful and precious resources. The success of our mortal experience depends in large part on how wisely we use it.”

In a world culture of “speed and shortcuts,” where the challenges of daily life cause “a breakneck race against time,” people must have an eternal vision in their mortal life. “Do not allow yourself to be locked in the narrow vision of mortality,” he said. “Enlarge your perspective to include the eternities. As you do this, your life will be more meaningful and open up new horizons to you.”

Bishop Caussé shared five principles for individuals to develop an eternal vision—living in “God’s time”—in their mortal lives.

Accept God’s time

“In many respects, our lives are like a stage race,” he said. “Each age includes a few milestones to be reached.” Recognizing specific ages bring specific responsibilities and opportunities, Bishop Caussé said the milestones are good, and they help in setting goals. He encouraged listeners to accept God's timing, remaining faithful and happy regardless of the circumstances and things not in their control. “The reality is that even if we master our choices and our actions, we have only limited control of our life’s timetable,” he said.

Those who stay faithful can be assured that “God always keeps His promises” and blessings will inevitably come.

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