5 ways to stretch an income -- saving money while shopping

Sherry L. Neiger doesn't buy generic-brand items. She also doesn't go to several grocery stores a week, nor is she loyal to a particular brand or store. She never buys chocolate chips either. But she does have plenty of chocolate.

And she doesn't like to spend money on anything, especially on toilet paper.

"I don't like flushing money down the drain," Neiger told an overflow crowd at Women's Conference April 29 in a session titled "Joyfully Living Within Our Means."

She showed 40 items, including toilet paper, that she paid $37.94 total for between November and April. Collectively, they retail for $531.55.

"I'm not special," said Neigher, who is a guest on BYU-TV's "Living Essentials" program. "Any of you can do this."

1. Plan

"If one (spouse) works, then the other (spouse) is the CFO (of the home)," she said. "And take it seriously."

That's what she did when she and her husband were newlyweds and didn't have a lot of money. Part of her responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom were being the CFO and COO.

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