6 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

by | Nov. 18, 2016

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I love Thanksgiving. What could be better than giving thanks and eating good food with our families? I was talking to someone the other day about why Thanksgiving is great. We both agreed that we like how simple and low-key the holiday is. Of course, I have never actually hosted thanksgiving dinner myself…

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From Mormon Cartoonist

So maybe Thanksgiving can be a little more stressful for some. But whether you are cooking for 30 or enjoying a microwave meal for one, here are five ideas to make this Thanksgiving a fun and meaningful one:

1. Read the Thanksgiving story

I love a good history refresher and what better time to educate yourself on the particulars? Grown-ups will enjoy this overview (including educational videos) on the History Channel’s website. For the kids in your group, you might want to visit the Kids National Geographic website instead.    

2. Create adorable Thanksgiving-themed treats

I realize that the last thing we need on Thanksgiving is more food, but somehow I think we can all get behind these adorable treats. Use these projects to distract kids from the kitchen where the real work is getting done and everyone can reap the benefits. I love these Oreo turkeys from the talented ladies at Our Best Bites:

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From Our Best Bites

If you want something super simple, try these acorn treats made from Hershey’s Kisses: 

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From ABC News

And if you want to win Thanksgiving, attempt this Rice Krispie turkey: 

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From Mommy Testers

3. Make a Thanksgiving craft

Like these Turkey balloons from Hello Wonderful:

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Or these adorable Thanksgiving puppets from Mer Mag:

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These Thanksgiving crowns from Strawberry Mommy Cakes are easy to make:

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And how cute are these wooden spoon dolls from Be Crafty?!

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4. Engage in a gratitude activity

There are many ways to teach and promote gratitude on Thanksgiving. I am a fan of the very basic, go-around-the-table-and-say-one-thing-you-are-thankful-for activity. I have also seen an idea to create a gratitude wall that everyone can contribute to throughout the day/week/month. For the kids in your group (and if you want to make something you conceivably could keep) I love this crafty gratitude turkey: 

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From Neat Little Nest

You can also download a printable gratitude tree from The Small Seed and have everyone fill the leaves with things they're thankful for. 

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5. Go on a Thanksgiving hike

I know a lot of people play football or run in a turkey trot 5K or some other kind of vigorous activity on Thanksgiving, and I am in full support of such activities. For me growing up, it was always the Thanksgiving hike. A few families from our ward would meet in the morning and go on a 1-2 hour hike. It was easy enough that all ages could participate and a perfect way to appreciate God’s creations while getting in a little activity in before the feasting began. 

6. Watch an inspirational video

In need of a quick dose of Thanksgiving spirit? Enjoy these beautifully produced videos that are sure to make you smile (and maybe even tear up).

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: 

Giving Thanks is More Than a Holiday: 

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