6 LDS Bullet Journal Ideas to Track Your Spiritual Growth This Year

Organize Your Scripture Study

Tracking aside, the core bullet journal methods of indexing, collections, migrating, and threading can be excellent tools to use in a scripture study journal. 

Using an Index: 

Each time you make an entry in your scripture study journal, think about the over-arching topics or principles it covers. Then, go to your index and either add the topic or add the page numbers to a previously listed topic. 

Using Collections:

Ideas for scripture study journal collections:

  • Scriptures for when I feel _____ (angry, sad, unmotivated, etc.)
  • FHE Lesson Ideas
  • Questions to Study
  • Examples of _____ (bad things happening to good people, incredible faith, etc.)
  • Thoughts on _____ (learning, love, obedience, etc.)

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Using Migration: 

After your daily entry, check to see if there are any thoughts or questions that you'd like to add to one of your collections. If there is, add it right away. Don't wait!

Using Threading:

If a collection grows too large for the space you've allotted to it, you can thread it to another section of your journal by writing the additional page numbers at the bottom of the original collection. 

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