6 Lies Early Returned Missionaries Tell Themselves

These are things that I have told myself so I know they are real. These are pertaining to missionaries who were honorably released before their 18 or 24 months were up. If you feel like there are more, feel free to add them.

1) I don’t get the same blessings of full-service return missionaries.

This is something I didn’t know I felt until I was sitting a couple weeks ago with my Stake President explaining my situation, and he said that I should not feel like I do not get the blessings that full-time missionaries get upon returning. He said that if these were my thoughts, to stop because it’s not true. I was released honorably and therefore am entitled to be blessed as if I came home like any other sister that served 18 months. The relief I felt from his statement was so satisfying. I didn’t realize I felt that way. And to hear someone say that was very uplifting.

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